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one of the mixed media artworks on alu dibond (25-25 cm) of 'The 70-Series' by Toos van Holstein, shown in the exhibition at Gallery Àlafran (Diepenheim, the Netherlands)

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NEW: After the finnisage of Edition 4 of Toos van Holstein's travelling exhibition 'The 70-Series and More' in Gallery Àlafran (Diepenheim, the Netherlands) part of her artworks can still be seen in the now running group exhibition in this gallery. Several art works of the very special 'The 70-Series', shown in the foregoing editions, can be watched on the Instagram-account of Toos van Holstein .

NEW: Because of the corona-rules the Art and Culture Route of Middelburg (province Sealand, Netherlands) wasn't opened on the regular 1st Sunday's of the month. But now, to start at Sunday 2 May the about 30 ateliers and galleries can be visited again. And by that also the atelier of Toos at the Korendijk 56, participant in this well-known event. Every 1st Sunday of each month visitors are welcome from 1 to 5 pm.

- Toos van Holstein has, just like last year, been voted in the Top-25 of Dutch artists. This is the result of a combination of votes by the public and an art panel of about 100 professionals and collectioners in the Dutch art world.

- Recently the new book of Toos van Holstein 'TOOS VAN HOLSTEIN II, for me art is travelling the mind' (more than 200 pages full of images and texts, also in English) has been released. This beautiful hardcover book can be ordered for € 35 (without package costst) by sending an e-mail to

-  Some years ago the very special show "Heroes" by Toos van Holstein was shown in the medieval Saint Martins Church in the town of Franeker in the Netherlands. Heroes like Achilles and Ulysses, saints from the Middel Ages and little Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland are just a few examples of the heroes on Toos her paintings. More than 14.000 visitors  have admired these heroes thes summer months. A video of the opening of the exhibition is shown below.


Toos' Heroes
in the old
St. Martins church

Preparations and opening
of the exhibition "Heroes"
by Toos van Holstein
in the mediėval Church
of Saint Martin in Franeker (the Netherlands)

Have a look at the professional video "TOOS-the movie" on het YouTube-channel and learn more about the origins of her inspiration and about her art: oil paintings, statues, digicompo's, monoprints.