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Dutch Brilliant Artist 2016

A toast by Toos van Holstein on her new nomination for the election of Dutch Artist of the Year 2019, seated on the HeartSeat she painted for a very special initiative (see below under NEW)

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NEW:Toos van Holstein has been nominated again for the prestigious election of Dutch Artist of the Year. The public can bring out a vote now on one of the nominated 90 artists. This list (only in Dutch) is found on . More about this election under 'Latest News'.

NEW: Mathilde Willink (1938-1978), muse and model of the famous Dutch magic realist painter Carel Willink, was in the sixties and seventies the first Dutch society queen. In her home town Terneuzen several exhibitions are organized in rememberance of her 80th birthday. Toos van Holstein is one of the participating artists with a triptych and an installation. More in 'Latest News'.

NEW: The HeartParade is an initiative to generate money for the development of a medicine for the deadly childrens 'energy metabolic disease'. Toos van Holstein is one of the well known Dutch artists who painted a so-called HeartSeat for this initiative (see picture above)  


- Toos van Holstein belongs again to the 25 most popular artists in The Netherlands. This is the result of the election of Artist of the Year 2018 after the nomination by an important art panel and then the public voting round. A confirmation of her position in the Dutch art world.


-   On all first Sunday's of the year (except in January) the medieval town of Middelburg attracts a lot of visitors because of the Art and Culture Route. Also the atelier of Toos van Holstein is opened then from 1-5 pm.


-  Some years ago the very special show "Heroes" by Toos van Holstein was shown in the medieval Saint Martins Church in the town of Franeker in the Netherlands. Heroes like Achilles and Ulysses, saints from the Middel Ages and little Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland are just a few examples of the heroes on Toos her paintings. More than 14.000 visitors  have admired these heroes thes summer months. A video of the opening of the exhibition is shown below.


Toos' Heroes
in the old
St. Martins church

Preparations and opening
of the exhibition "Heroes"
by Toos van Holstein
in the mediėval Church
of Saint Martin in Franeker (the Netherlands)

Have a look at the professional video "TOOS-the movie" on het YouTube-channel and learn more about the origins of her inspiration and about her art: oil paintings, statues, digicompo's, monoprints.

Toos has a second website where she shows the newest developements in her art with for instance mixed-art on alu-dibond and statues in resin