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Toos van Holstein in front of the atelier in her warehouse from the year 1738 in Middelburg

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NEW: During a new stay in the medieval Italian town Gubbio Toos van Holstein returned home recently with a number of new ceramic items made after her own design and painted by her in that beautiful town. On 7 July these new art pieces are publicly shown for the first time during the Art&Culture Route in her studio in hometown Middelburg.

NEW: On 4 February the reknowned Art & Culture Route in the old town of Middelburg starts again. With a Jubileum Year: this year-long art event exists 25 years. From the start in the year 2000 most of the art galleries and artist ateliers in town are always opened on the first Sunday of the month (except in January). And of course Toos van Holstein, taking part since 2002, also opens her atelier at the Korendijk 56. Always welcome on this 1st Sunday of the month (1-5pm) in the beautiful atelier of her 18th century warehouse.

NEW: Toos van Holstein is chosen again among the 25 most popular artists in the Netherlands. With the combination of the public and jury votes she became number 18 of the 90 nominees for the election of the Dutch Artist of the Year 2024. A very satisfying position among worldwide renowned  Dutch artists!!

- Toos van Holstein was artist in residence for 4 weeks in the Italian medieval town Gubbio, known for its ceramics. In the atelier of Rampini Ceramics d'Arte she created a new series of by hand painted UOVO's, big egg shaped forms. Three of these UOVO's are now part of the collection of the Museo delle Brocche d'Autore in Gubbio. The other ones are now shown in her atelier in her hometown Middelburg in the Netherlands before they are going to make a roundtrip to the Dutch galleries Toos is cooperating with.Take your chance and visit her atelier in her beautiful 18th century warehouse at the Korendijk 56 during the monthly Art&Culture route (always 1st Sunday of the month 1-5 pm)

About this UOVO-Project a video can be watched on Toos her YouTube-channel. Have a look here.

- The new book of Toos van Holstein 'TOOS VAN HOLSTEIN II, for me art is travelling the mind' (more than 200 pages full of images and texts, also in English) has been released. This beautiful hardcover book can be ordered for € 35 (without package costst) by sending an e-mail to

-  Some years ago the very special show "Heroes" by Toos van Holstein was shown in the medieval Saint Martins Church in the town of Franeker in the Netherlands. Heroes like Achilles and Ulysses, saints from the Middel Ages and little Alice from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland are just a few examples of the heroes on Toos her paintings. More than 14.000 visitors  have admired these heroes thes summer months. A video of the opening of the exhibition is shown below.


Toos' Heroes
in the old
St. Martins church

Preparations and opening
of the exhibition "Heroes"
by Toos van Holstein
in the mediėval Church
of Saint Martin in Franeker (the Netherlands)

Have also a look at the professional video "TOOS-the movie" on het YouTube-channel and learn more about the origins of her inspiration and about her art: oil paintings, statues, digicompo's, monoprints.