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March 2019

Destination, oil painting on canvas 160-110 cm


New: Toos van Holstein with a new show in Gallery Wiek XX (Bad Nieuweschans, Netherlands)

In the nort-eastern part of the province Groningen near the German border lies the old village Bad Nieuweschans, build in the beginning of the 17th century as a fortress against attacks from the east. Now it's a modern health resort and houses the renowned Gallery Wiek XX. In this gallery Toos van Holstein shows her new paintings till 31 March. More information about this show is found under 'Exhibitions'.

New: Toos van Holstein exhibits in Sjakie's Gallery in her hometown Middelburg (Netherlands)

On the 2nd of February a new exhibition of Toos van Holstein starts in Sjakie's Gallery, part of a fabulous 17th century mansion in the medieval centre of Middelburg , the town where she is living since 2001. Besides the work she is showing in her own atelier in the old store house from the 18th century named 'Holstein', the gallery in the old mansion with the name Huis 's-Hertogenbosch shows paintings from the series 'Men on his Way'. These paintings are inspired by the very popular medieval pilgrimmage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain and the famous Divina Commedia written in the 14th century by Italian Dante Aleghieri. This exhibition lasts till 30 March. More details can be found under 'Exhibitions'.

Toos van Holstein again one of the 25 most popular artists of The Netherlands

In July Toos van Holstein was nominated by a 'heavy' art panel for the election of Artist of the Year 2019 together with 89 other artists. The result of the public election round that started then was that she got again so many votes that she ended up with the last 20 of them. After this public round it was up to the panel to choose the 8 artists for the final public round out of these 20 and 5 so-called wild cards. Here the election of Toos ended but she is very happy that again, like in the years before, she is one of the 25 most popular Dutch artists.

Toos van Holstein and her HeartSeat

Some children are born with the so-called energy metabolism disease. A disease that causes that they cannot develop in a normal way and have a difficult childhood. Usually they also live much too short. In the Dutch university town Nijmegen a team is developing a medicine for these children. To generate money for their research the foundation Energy4All organises all kinds of events. A new manifestation is the HeartParade. A number of well-known Dutch artists, Toos van Holstein being one of them, has been asked to paint a HeartSeat. All these heart shaped seats will be auctioned next year after an exhibition tour through the country. Below a picture of the seat painted by Toos.

  Toos van Holstein and her HeartSeat


Art and Culture Route in Middelburg

In the historic hometown of Toos van Holstein every first Sunday of the month an Art and Culture Route is organized. About 40 ateliers and galleries in the medieval town of Middelburg are open to the public from 1-5 PM. So if you are in Holland during one of those Sundays you are kindly invited to visit the atelier of Toos van Holstein at the Korendijk 56 in one of the most beautiful old towns of the country of which the history goes back to around the year 1000 AC.

- See also the video's of TOOS on her own channel on YouTube

On this YouTube channel TOOS shows several video's about her exhibitions, her digital art and a lot more. See here also TOOS-the movie. Click on TOOSvanholstein .

- Digital art by TOOS

Besides this website Toos now has a second one Just have a look and see the newest developments in her artistic career in which she uses the digital possibillities of our time. See and admire TOOS.


Emacs!   Emacs!   Emacs! some examples of the new set of cards by Toos van Holstein  
New set of cards
Because the old set of 12 cards of water colour paintings by Toos van Holstein is nearly sold out

she has made a new one. A few examples of these new cards, 11 cm by 15 cm, can be seen on top of this newsletter. They show the prints of a series of new mixed media painting on hand made paper, partly based on her stay as an artist in residence in Beijing. More information about this new set is found by clicking on the knobs 'Publications' and 'Cards & CD-Roms' on the English openings page.