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January 2024

Toos van Holstein working on her new UOV)-series in the atelier of Rampini Ceramiche d'Arte

in the well-known Italian ceramic city Gubbio

New: Start of the 25th edition of the Art & Culture Route Middelburg on 4 February

On 4 February the re-knowned Art & Culture Route in the old town of Middelburg starts again. With a Jubileum Year: this year-long art event exists 25 years. From the start in the year 2000 most of the art galleries and artist ateliers in town are always opened on the first Sunday of the month (except in January). And of course Toos van Holstein, taking part since 2002, also opens her atelier at the Korendijk 56. Always welcome on this 1st Sunday of the month (1-5pm) in the beautiful atelier of her 18th century warehouse.

New: Toos van Holstein again one of the 25 most popular artists in the country

Toos van Holstein is chosen again among the 25 most popular artists in the Netherlands. With the combination of the public and jury votes she became number 18 of the 90 nominees for the election of the Dutch Artist of the Year 2024. A very satisfying position among worldwide renowned  Dutch artists!!

The new series of UOVO's by Toos van Holstein

Toos van Holstein spended four weeks in the Italian medieval town Gubbio, known for its ceramics. In the atelier of Rampini Ceramics d'Arte she created a new series of by hand painted UOVO's, big egg shaped forms. Three of these UOVO's stayed behind as part of the collection of the Museo delle Brocche d'Autore in Gubbio. The other ones are now shown in her galleries in the Netherlands

About this UOVO-Project a video can be watched on Toos her YouTube-channel. Have a look here.

The creation of her newest stone lithograph

Recently Toos van Holstein created a new stone lithograph in collaboration with the Belgian lithographer Hans Van Dijck in his atelier in Antwerp. It was the first time the two of them worked together on a stone lithograph but the result can be judged as excellent. The edition of this new work is only 25 and the litho is sold for €225. An excellent chance to acquire a beatiful artwork for an excellent price. On the YouTube-channel of the artist the creation of 'City life' can be watched in the video 'City life- the coming alive of a stone lithograph'

Interested? Just send an e-mail to

The new book 'TOOS VAN HOLSTEIN II for me art is travelling the mind' is released now

More than 200 pages with her art, her own stories and those of others about that art. A marvelous artbook of nearly 1,5 kilogram that can be bought for € 35. Interested? A mail to is enough. 

- See also the video's of Toos van Holstein on her own channel on YouTube

On this YouTube channel Toos shows several video's about her exhibitions, her digital art and a lot more. See here also TOOS-the movie. Click on TOOSvanholstein .