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March 2023

  'City life' , the newest stone lithograph by Toos van Holstein


New: Art and Culture Route in Middelburg

The new season of the Art and Culture Route Middelburg started again in February. A phenomenon In the historic hometown of Toos van Holstein that takes place every first Sunday of the month. More than 30 art studios and art galleries in the medieval town of Middelburg are open to the public from 1-5 PM. So if you are in Holland during one of those Sundays you are kindly invited to visit the studio of Toos van Holstein at the Korendijk 56 in one of the most beautiful old towns of the country of which the history goes back to around the year 1000 AC.

New: The creation of her newest stone lithograph

Recently Toos van Holstein created a new stone lithograph in collaboration with the Belgian lithographer Hans Van Dijck in his atelier in Antwerp. It was the first time the two of them worked together on a stone lithograph but the result can be judged as excellent. The edition of this new work is only 25 and the litho is sold for €225. An excellent chance to acquire a beatiful artwork for an excellent price. On the YouTube-channel of the artist the creation of 'City life' can be watched in the video 'City life- the coming alive of a stone lithograph'

Interested? Just send an e-mail to

Toos van Holstein elected in the Top-25 of the Dutch Artist of the Year 2023

For many years now an artpanel of about 100 well-known art professionals, like museum directors and art critics, nominates every year 90 artists for this prestigious election. Toos was one of the nominees for 2023, indicating her position in the Dutch art world. After the nominations were published, it was up to the public to reduce this group of 90 nominees to the 25 most popular ones. And Toos van Holstein is amongst them! To be in the Top-25 of all those thousands and thousands of visual artists in the country is really a great success.


The new book 'TOOS VAN HOLSTEIN II for me art is travelling the mind' is released now

More than 200 pages with her art, her own stories and those of others about that art. A marvelous artbook of nearly 1,5 kilogram that can be bought for € 35. Interested? A mail to is enough.


Toos van Holstein and her heARTseat

Some children are born with the so-called energy metabolism disease. A disease that causes that they cannot develop in a normal way and have a difficult childhood. Usually they also live much too short. In the Dutch university town Nijmegen a team is developing a medicine for these children. To generate money for their research the foundation Energy4All organises all kinds of events. A new manifestation is the HeartParade. A number of well-known Dutch artists, Toos van Holstein being one of them, has been asked to paint a heARTseat. All seats have been auctioned now and Toos is very proud to announce that her heARTseat has been bought by the director and initiator of the team that will bring this medecine on the market within a couple of years. Below a picture of Toos her seat and the new owners.

On YouTube you'll find here a video about the creation process of Toos' heARTseat (link



- See also the video's of Toos van Holstein on her own channel on YouTube

On this YouTube channel Toos shows several video's about her exhibitions, her digital art and a lot more. See here also TOOS-the movie. Click on TOOSvanholstein .



Emacs!   Emacs!   Emacs! some examples of the new set of cards by Toos van Holstein  
New set of cards
Because the old set of 12 cards of water colour paintings by Toos van Holstein is nearly sold out

she has made a new one. A few examples of these new cards, 11 cm by 15 cm, can be seen on top of this newsletter. They show the prints of a series of new mixed media painting on hand made paper, partly based on her stay as an artist in residence in Beijing. More information about this new set is found by clicking on the knobs 'Publications' and 'Cards & CD-Roms' on the English openings page.